Business Travel – How Not to Get Sick on Your Trip |

I remember her mentioning to me how important it was for her to get all the appropriate vaccines. She indicated that she had to make sure she was well prepared for her trip. Her main concern, of course, was to stay healthy while travelling. She just can’t afford to be sick while having a job with so much responsibilities.

I did some research on global travel. When travelling to places where health care is not the top priority as it is in other more developed countries, you have to make sure you’re prepared. It’s best to have a Health Professional review your individual needs, recommend immunizations, and administer them.

Try to make it your priority to go with a Health Professional that has the following:

1. Immunizations and Vaccinations

2. Yellow Fever Certification

3. Medications (Traveler’s Diarrhea Kit, Antimalarials, Anti-Viral Tamiflu Kit)

4. On-Site Vaccination Clinics o Rabies Clinics

5. Security Briefings

6. Food and water precautions

7. Travel health supplies

8. Customized health and travel booklet

9. Official vaccination record

10. Travel safety and security briefings

11. Food and water precautions

12. Travel health insurance

Make sure the staff are professionals who are board-certified physicians and registered nurses. Learn the type of training they have in the field of travel medicine and immunology. It is important they have the ability to give you guidance you need to make informed decisions preventing disease. Hope all the above will help you choose the best Health Professional with all the correct knowledge.

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